Young Singapore Based Trader, 22, earned USD13k from USD500 that he invested using Etoro

Ang Kar Yong, 22, born in Malaysia, currently studying in Singapore started using Etoro Forex trading platform and invested just USD500 which he managed to reap returns up to USD13K. Watch the video on some of his investing experiences.

It is an alternative source of income that is gaining popularity in Singapore, Get your USD50USD100 free on your first eToro deposit of USD300!

For those who are keen to try out eToro, there is free USD50 + USD20 USD100 coupons (of first deposit of USD200) when you sign up through the invitation link ONLY. eToro also provides a training environment where you can make use of virtual money to try out. Good luck with your trades! You can sign up with this link here.

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